The Pocket Tee Fit Guide

Meet the shirt that has earned its place as our ultimate office favorite: The Pocket Tee. Due to its popularity, we now offer it in over 50+ colors and several fabric options -- there is a pocket tee for everyone. Featuring a flattering a V-neckline, a chest pocket, and a curved hem, our tees are made to wear always.

Since we recently expanded our size range, here is a size guide featuring our employees so that you can find the right size for your style. Keep reading to see what they said about their favorite pocket tee.

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The Pocket Tee Fit: All pocket tees are made with the same relaxed fit and slightly longer silhouette making them perfect for layering or tucking in.



Wearing a size XS

Height 5’3’

"This is my go-to on busy days when I am running around with my daughter. It's a classic and I can wear it with almost anything. I prefer to tie it into a front knot, since it has a longer silhouette which makes it good for wearing with leggings."



Wearing a size S

Height 5'7'

"I love this classic Pocket Tee because the neckline is really flattering to the chest and appears to lengthen your neck. Plus the length of the tee gives it some drape when you tuck it in for some extra style. The Sleek Jersey fabric is also the softest and comfiest fabric ever!"



Wearing a size M

Height 5'9'

"I love this tee because it can easily tuck-in for an effortlessly casual look; most other shirts I've found are too short for someone my height to fully tuck-in."



Wearing a size L

Height 5'8'

" I love my pocket tee because it is the perfect fit.  It is so versatile, as I can wear it under a blazer for work or to the gym. The Washed Cotton fabric is my favorite since it offers a super-soft worn-in look"



Wearing a size XL

Height 5'7'

"I love my pocket tee because it’s a staple in my wardrobe. The Camo Pocket Tee is what I reach for the most because it goes with most denim." 


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