Meet Maly Mann

Author: Guianina Lim

Meet Maly Mann: part model, painter, and photographer, there’s no denying she does it all. We sat down with Maly to discuss everything from her beautiful home to her artwork and great personal style. Keep reading to get inspired by this creative type.

1. We can see that you’re a pretty talented artist; what inspires your artwork?

Thank you for the kind words! It's hard to pinpoint what mainly inspires me. It's a blend of all the elements of nature.

2. It’s hard to deny that you’re a jack of all trades. What got you into painting, photography, and modeling?

I wouldn't say that I have mastered all of those trades, it's more so that I am dabbling with them all! I got into all of these arts during high school and became serious about them in college. The fear of working at a desk led me to realize the true love I had for art.

3. Between faces and places, which do you tend to take photos of more?

Ah! It's definitely a mixture of both.


4. How would you describe your personal style?

My personal style is a mixture of Parisian grandma and 90's tomboy.

5. What’s your go-to outfit when you have to be out of the house quickly?

Baggy boyfriend jeans and a white tee.

6. What is your favorite Z SUPPLY item?

The Venice Striped Racer Tank!


7. Tell us about your favorite trip! And where are you headed to next?

I was baffled by the beauty of Marrakech, Morocco. The raw edges of the scenery, the golden sunsets, and the amazing food had me itching for more after I came back to the states. Next, I am headed back to New York next for a bit of the hustle and bustle!

8. What are 5 things you can’t travel without?

The five things I can't travel without include: my We Are Dam Dam skin salve, a hair brush, a white tee shirt, Dr. Bronners body wash, and a film camera.

9. We love your home! Describe your interior design (home style) in three words. 

Minimal, Mid-Century, and craftsman inspired.


10. What project are you most excited for this year?

My newly curated vintage homewares shop, Shop Hitori! Super stoked to see where it goes in this next year.

11. We noticed you love to cook and entertain. What do you enjoy most about cooking?

I enjoy being able to create something that brings people together.

12. We know that you are born and raised in Long Beach. What are your 3 favorite spots in Long Beach?

Three favorite spots: Restauration, for food. Lord Windsor, for coffee. El Dorado Nature Center, for inspiration.