10 Questions with New Darlings

Author: Erica Shapiro

Meet Robert and Christina, the dynamic husband and wife duo behind NewDarlings.com and @newdarlings. With over 435K admirers on Instagram, it's easy to see why everyone is enchanted by their personal style, travels, home decor and cute pup Henry.

We had the chance to ask them a few questions - read on to get the scoop.

Tell us a bit about your story and what inspired you to start your blog, New Darlings.

New Darlings started when we were just newlyweds in 2013 after making the move from New York to Phoenix, Arizona. We had taken a huge risk in moving across the country, knowing very little of Arizona. What ended up happening was that we found ourselves turning to our camera as a creative outlet when we were a bit lonely in a new, unfamiliar city. Our earliest work was just taking photos of each other in our first apartment together, exploring our first year in Phoenix, and documenting what it looked like to be newly married in a new city. That is New Darlings in a nutshell. We launched our blog in June of 2014 after creating some buzz on our Instagram account. We never expected it to be more than just a fun photo journal, but we’re so thankful it has become our full-time job together.

What is it like working together? Has your relationship evolved since you started your blog?

That’s a question we definitely get asked a lot. There are people who wish they could work with their significant other and then others who think it is the craziest thing one could do. We’re lucky to say that we love to be together all the time, love challenging each other creatively, and are grateful to see so much of the world side-by-side. Is it easy? Definitely not all the time. Being married and working from home is tough. Knowing when to switch gears from work-life to home-life is a challenge for us even after four years of blogging, but we are happy to stumble through finding balance in exchange for such an exciting, rewarding job. We wouldn’t have it any other way.

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Where do you get your content inspiration?

Oh man. We are inspired by so much daily. The coolest thing that many people outside of Phoenix don’t realize is how awesome the city actually is. We are thrilled to live in a place that is young, evolving, and thriving in so many aspects. Driving downtown and literally watching the changes being made week by week is a constant inspiration to us and our work. That’s not to say we don’t find inspiration on the road as well. Much of our home decor and design choices are based on things we see all over the world. We love collecting items and photographs from our travels, and bringing home little mementos to fill our shelves with. In addition to our city and visited ones, we are constantly inspired by the creatives we follow on social media. The internet is full of inspiring work and people and we absolutely love following along and getting to meet and work together.

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Striped Brushed Rib Tank | Striped Brushed Rib Short

We are huge fans of your home décor. How would you describe your aesthetic?

Ah, thanks! Our home decor is forever changing over here. Because we take (and edit) so many photos of our home, and follow so many great home decorators on social media, we are always tweaking things in our home. We can say that we tend to gravitate towards natural tones, classic design choices, and clean lines. Having warm wood tones to cozy up a space is a favorite design element over here, for sure. I’m not sure if there is a name for our aesthetic, but cozy with a nod to traditional is what we like to call it around here.

Do you have any decorating tips for the upcoming holidays?

Yes! Design for your home. We recently added heavy patterned chairs in our living room, so that’s definitely something we’ll be thinking about when adding holiday decor this season. We don’t want anyone to feel visually overwhelmed when coming over to our place, so we’ll likely keep things neutral verses our traditional red and green from years past. Adding warmth through different textured pillows and throws can make any room feel cozier and it’s an easy way to stay within your original color palette. Add some simple greenery with a festive bouquet on your coffee or dining table for a pop of color and a bit of cheer.

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What is your favorite part about the holidays? Any holiday traditions?

The holidays are just the best. We have a ton of traditions that we sprinkle around the month of December. Some of our favorites are setting up our projector for holiday movie nights in comfy clothes, driving around town finding the best decorated homes, going ice skating, and of course gift exchanging with friends and loved ones.

With temperatures dropping, what’s your go-to Z SUPPLY winter staple?

We can only pick one? It would have to be the L/S Heather Crew for him, and the Brushed Rib Cardigan for her. They’re so cozy and soft.

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Aside from working on your blog, what are some things you enjoy doing together?

We love movies, so a trip to the theater happens quite a bit for us. It’s too easy to pick up your phone and check emails these days, so being in a dark theater with a good movie on is the best distraction from work. We’re also huge fans of popcorn and snacking, so it’s definitely a happy place for us. If we aren’t at the movies in our free time, we are probably at our favorite vintage shops treasure hunting, or sipping coffee at our local coffee shop.

Do you have any tips for our readers who want to capture Insta-worthy holiday photos?

Definitely! We love to create little vignettes around our home. Whether that means adding some festive candles to your bar cart, hanging some garland over a doorway, or decking out your mantle with everything you got. It’s important to spread the decor around and not focus entirely on the tree. Make every room a happy holiday filled space.

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We love following your journey, what can we expect to see from @newdarlings in 2018?

Thanks guys! That means so much to us. In 2018, we are hoping to continue to grow our team. It has just the two of us since the beginning and adding some other creative minds to the mix will be both fun and super helpful as things get busy. Since buying our home, our love for home decor and design has just grown immensely, so keep an eye out for a few other big home renovation projects that are in the works…we just can’t help ourselves. We also have busy travel calendar and a special fifth wedding anniversary coming up, so it should be a good one!